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Salvage, Demolition and Repurposing FAQ

Q. What does NotTheDump pickup?

A. We take any and all salvageable materials from your construction site. There are many unique items that come from our jobs. We've taken signs, tables, flooring, trim work, columns, windows, unused building materials and much more. Call if you have any questions about what you think might be able to be saved.


Q. Do you really sell items that you pick up?

A. Yes and no. Some items go straight to donation businesses like Habitat for Humanity and some items are unique enough that we will sell them directly. We have many partners that work with us to reuse and repurpose the things we pick up.


Q. Do you charge for removing items and materials?

A. Yes.  Each project is done by bid.


Q. Do you save/salvage commercial items?

A. Yes. We can remove counters, fixtures, display items and more for the purpose of rehabilitation and reuse.


Q. Do you save/salvage residential materials?

A. Yes.  We will remove and save doors, windows, fixtures, counters, appliances and more for the purpose of rehabilitation and reuse.

Q. Do you guarantee that the materials you pick up will be recycled, reused or repurposed?

A. Sadly, we cannot. There have been times when we have picked up materials that were later deemed unusable or beyond repair. BUT! We do everything we can to recycle, repurpose and reuse. We respect our planet and do as much as possible to limit landfill use.


Q. Are there limits to what you will take?

A. Generally speaking, we remove materials and items that still maintain value, whether intrinsic or monetarily.  We also provide junk removal services for pure recycling and disposal.

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