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Green Junk Removal: Reuse, Recycle, Re-Purpose Before Landfill

NotTheDump provides our customers with prompt GREEN junk removal and in many cases eco-friendly disposal.


Old furniture, electronics, computers, appliance, trash, leftovers and more don't have to end up in the dump.  Our professional crew is trained to identify items and material that can be REUSED, RECYCLED, and REHABILITATED


We leverage area donation and recycling centers as well as refurbishing and eco-minded enterprises to lower the percentage of unwanted items and materials headed to our landfills. 

Salvage Services


NotTheDump provides salvaging services. We will remove any and all salvagable building materials such as newels, stair treads, trimwork, columns, doors, windows and lots more. Call us to talk about your green construction & demolition efforts.


DON'T FEED THE LANDFILL (and make a buck!)

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